Leadership Development for Youth and Young Adults, Based on the Scouting Principals. Available to All Youth Ministries at The Sky Ranch Leadership Centers in Arizona, Colorado & Wyoming.

Sky Ranch Leadership Development Center
Casa Del Sol at Sky Ranch
A retreat to teach leadership & self reliance.

Non-Denominational, Non-Profit Organization, to teach Leadership and the Love of Nature to Our Youth.
A Ranch Setting with Lakes & Mountains.
Based on the Scouting Founders Principals of Leadership Development for our Youth and Young Adults.

The main ranch house concept with cabins for youth and young adults.
Adjacent will be an assembly hall with dining and recreation facilities.

Required funding for this project is estimated at $277,000,000.00
Funding will be provided by Private Philanthropic Organizations.

The Board of Directors will be composed of Volunteers From Faith Based Organizations.

Offices in every Major City in the U.S. as well as others in selected Cities World Wide.
Their charge is to select those candidates that show leadership skills.
Selection of candidates will be made by youth ministries from all faiths.

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